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Business Planning & Funding

In these straitened times, good business planning is essential for community organisations to ensure financial viability and sustainability.  Strategic thinking can help your organisation to anticipate changes to the operating environment like increased competition for grant funding or opportunities to take on contracts.

Whatever the future of funding looks like for your organisation, Community Matters can add value to your business planning and funding bids.  With a particular focus on organisations taking on community buildings or land, we analyse business plans and funding bids to strengthen them and make them more effective.  We also deliver training and support around business planning and carry out enterprise reviews to help grant-dependent organisations generate more of their own income.

For an intial consultation to determine which of our support services would best suit your organisation's needs, please contact us.


Can You Plan It?: Community Matters has launched a new tool to help you get to grips with business planning - have a look at it and find out more here.

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