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Supporting Organisations: One Year On

August 2017

A whole year has passed since we launched our support service for community organisations. 

We were so sad that Community Matters essential services would be lost that we worked tirelessly with their consultancy team to quickly get a service to market that would ensure no loss in continuity for those that depended on their amazing work.

I'm so proud of what the team has achieved this year and all the amazing work that our subscribers have been delivering. In so many ways our communities have never felt more divided but the essential organisations in our communities are holding them together in the most difficult environment.

Despite community organsiations being so essential we know that being able to operate effectively has never been harder. This isn't because those who work in them and support them are any less committed but because the funding and regulatory environment consistently gets harder and tougher.

This year we have provided technical and legal advice and assistance to more than 100 organisations. We have supported numerous asset transfers, lease negotiations, CIC registrations, charity registrations, trading separations and numerous contractual matters including software development agreements. We have provided advice to national membership bodies, housing associations, local infrastructure and local authorities as well as local community organisations and their buildings. 

We are part of a national partnership of organisations led by the NCVO and the Charity Commission who are working together to raise the profile and importance of quality assurance and quality marks in the charity sector. VISIBLE and pre VISIBLE assessments are still being completed across the sector and we want to help those who want to be more VISIBLE work towards accreditation. We are also reviewing our Your Value, social value tool and plan to promote that later this year.

Due to the success of the year and our commitment to ensure our work with community organisations continues to thrive and grow we have decided to bring our work with individuals and organisations together. As such we have now registered Advising Communities as a charity and a company and bought the work of Advising London under this umbrella.

Advising Communities will now become the legal advice, support and education charity for individuals in need and the essential organisations that support them in their communities.

By supporting us and using our services you can ensure that those who most need it can access the essential support and legal advice that they require and we will not be beholden to government funding to do so anymore.

It may have appeared quiet on our website and social media, but this is because we have been working hard behind the scenes on our new website which will be launching very soon. Look out for further information on our website, social media and in our next newsletter.

Thank you unreservedly to all those who have supported us and we look forward to meeting the challenges of the years ahead in partnership with all of you.  

Helen Rice


Advising Communities