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31 May 2012: Registration deadline for Community First Panels to register

27 April 2012

There are only a few days left to register as a Community First Panel! If your area is eligible, and there isn't a panel already registered, this is your chance to get involved... read on to find out more.

Community First is an £80 million programme which contains two elements:-

  • A £30m neighbourhood grant programme; and
  • A £50m programme designed to encourage the development of local endowments to be a long-term source of grants and other social investments. (Through leveraging private sector investment on a two for one match, they expect this to be worth £150 million plus gift aid by 2015.)
Each eligible ward has been asked to set up a Community First Panel. These panels will raise awareness of the programme and work in the community to create a plan for how they will match and spend the money. The panel will make recommendations to CDF, who as administrator of Community First, on behalf of the Office of the Community Sector, will release funds provided the panel is able to demonstrate community involvement and support for the plan. To be effective, these panels need to be genuinely representative of the community and credible in the aim of using the funds strategically. Each Panel will be asked to also nominate a Panel Partner who will validate the Community First Panel on the ground and confirm they are using the funds appropriately.  

To access funding, which is now available, Community First Panels must first be created and registered on-line with CDF by 31 May 2012. Registration is open and Panels should register on the website at

540 panels across England are already up and running, in the interests of the eligible communities, please could you share this information with any contacts who may be able to assist with getting panels to register. For any queries on the programme please contact:

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