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Welcome to Advising Communities

Advising Communities offers free and confidential advice, support and information to communities living in London. Our goal is for you to know and have a better understanding of your rights as an individual so that in the future you can solve problems yourselves. It is never too late to ask for help or solve a problem.

Our services:

Our goal is to offer you the best service that meets your needs and you can come to our offices with any subject; we will offer you an appointment if we are sure that we are the best agency to help you with your case. If we cannot provide you with the right help we will tell you about other agencies who can.

We can help you with:

Welfare Benefits

We can help you with most benefits related issues, including: Universal Credit, Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance, Tax Credits, Housing Benefit, Disability Grants, Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance (Personal Independence Payment) and Carers Allowance.

We can explain these benefits, check your eligibility, explain and challenge decisions. If you meet the requirements to appeal and need to be represented in court, we would refer you to other agencies that can help you with this.


We offer you advice and general information about your rights as a consumer and how to take the necessary measures if you have been treated unfairly, if you have received a bad service, if you want to change providers or cancel a contract. However, if your case is complex or you require specialised assistance we would give you information so that you can go to another agency.


We offer advice if you are having difficulty paying your bills. We can help you check if you are responsible for paying the debt and negotiating with your creditors so that you can start paying back in accordance to your income and expenditure. We can help with all kinds of debts, council tax, rent arrears, credit and store cards and utility bills.


We advise in cases related to social and private housing, such as requests for social housing, transfers, obligation of the homeowner, notice, possession and eviction. We cannot represent you at court, if you are entitled to free legal aid we would generally have to refer you or give you information about other agencies that can help you.


We advise in cases of breach of contract, discrimination, dismissal, flexible working hours, maternity rights, payment of national minimum wage, work permits for people with dependent relatives, termination / compensation, change of terms and conditions of employment.


We offer basic assistance with immigration, political asylum and nationality cases. If you require specialised assistance, we could refer you to other agencies or give you information about other agencies that can help you.

How to request an appointment

To request an appointment in your language, please complete the form below. This form is in English so you may want a friend or relative to help you complete it. You will need to provide enough information for us to be able to understand your problem. If we are able to offer you an appointment, this will take place with one of our advisers and an interpreter. All of our language appointments are on a Thursday, and take place at our Advice Hub located at: Advising London, 6-8 Westmoreland Road, London, SE17 2AX. We aim to respond to your request within 2-3 working days, and to offer you an appointment within the next 2 weeks. If we cannot help you, we will guide you towards other organisations that may be able to.

Please note:

  • This service is only available if you speak limited or no English.
  • You will require an email address to receive an appointment offer.
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